FROM AWAY, in partnership with Canadian Heritage/Canada150, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier21, RBC, Bell Media/CTV Atlantic, the National Film Board of Canada and Telefilm Canada, is a Film Competition for Atlantic Canadian post-secondary students, produced by the Atlantic Film Festival as part of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.

The Film Competition and Program presents a multi-faceted opportunity to showcase Atlantic Canada's next generation of visual storytellers. Post-secondary student filmmakers are encouraged to examine, explore or celebrate Canada as home as both a concrete and abstract space - a landscape, a person, a feeling, a memory - through the medium of film. The challenge will be to construct their own interpretation of the nation that surrounds them and how immigration has shaped their place within it – connecting audiences with Canada’s past and present.

The FROM AWAY program will include a multi-faceted celebration of filmmaking and Canadian identity through the Film Competition which will include a Film Festival Gala Screening and celebration, an Atlantic Province wide school tour, community screenings and online presentations.



Juried by regional film industry professionals, 10 finalists will be presented at the 37th Atlantic Film Festival (September 14-21, 2017), followed by an Atlantic Canadian regional screening tour, focusing on screenings for youth as well as an online festival; creating opportunities for engagement, discussion and participation throughout the Atlantic region and beyond.

Finalists will be awarded full Festival registration and travel bursary with selected films being awarded additional prizes. The Grand Prize winner and a guest will attend the TIFF 2018 Opening Night Gala as VIP Guests of RBC.



1. An eligible individual or a group of eligible individuals (each, an “Entrant”) may submit an entry (the "Work") in the Film Competition. A group of eligible individuals (an “Entrant Group”) may have any number of members; however, each Entrant Group must specify a primary contact person for purposes of all communication with Challenge organizers.

2. Work must meet the conditions set out below in order to be eligible to be a prize winner in the Film Competition. Any work which does not comply with those conditions will not be eligible to win any prize in the Film Competition.

3. Entrants and/or Entrant Groups must be currently enrolled in an Atlantic Canadian post-secondary institution and/or an Atlantic Canadian post-secondary student.

4. Work must not exceed ten minutes in length and in instances where multiple languages are used it is asked that the work feature English subtitles.

5. Work must be an original work created by the Entrant or Entrant Group.

6. No part or the whole of work shall breach any copyright.

7. Music must be original copyright, copyright with permission, or public domain.

8. In the case of a winning Entrant Group, only one prize will be awarded per winning Entrant Group. Prizes will be awarded to the winning Entrant or, if applicable, to the winning Entrant Group (and not to the individual members of the winning Entrant Group). Distribution of the prize among the individual members of an Entrant Group is at the Entrant Group’s sole discretion.

9. Broadcast of the Film Competition finalists is at the sole discretion of the Atlantic Film Festival. Any broadcast of Film Competition finalists by the Atlantic Film Festival may describe the Film Competition finalists as participants in the From Away Film Competition.

10. By participating in the Film Competition, Entrants agree to fully abide by and be bound by these Rules and Regulations and by the decisions of the Atlantic Film Festival and the Finalists Committee, which decisions are final, binding and conclusive in all respects.

11. By participating in the Film Competition, Entrants agree to provide such information and full cooperation to the Atlantic Film Festival and the Finalists Committee, as the case may be, as such entity or organization may request or require in order to verify an Entrant’s eligibility and compliance with these Rules and Regulations. If it is determined by any of the Atlantic Film Festival and/or the Finalists Committee that an Entrant is ineligible or has not complied with these Rules and Regulations in any respect, the Entrant’s Submission will be declared void and ineligible. Any prize already paid to an Entrant or an Entrant Group in respect of a work which, at a later date, is declared void and ineligible will be forfeited and repaid to the Atlantic Film Festival. The forfeited prize will be awarded to the work which was rank ordered immediately below the work whose prize has been forfeited. In such event, the work that were shown at the respective screening will move up in their rank order.

12. Every Entrant (and, in the case of an Entrant Group, each member of an Entrant Group) agrees to release the Atlantic Film Festival, the Finalists Committee, the Partners, and each of their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, franchisees, advertising or promotional agencies and service providers, and each of their respective directors, officers, employees and agents, from and against any and all liability or legal action of any kind whatsoever concerning the Film Competition, their Submission, and awarding or the receipt, use or misuse of any prize.

13. By entering the Film Competition, each Entrant irrevocably consents to the use by the Atlantic Film Festival, the Partners or any of their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, franchisees, advertising or promotional agencies or service providers of his/her name, address (city, province) and/or voice, photograph, videotape, or any likeness for advertising or publicity purposes in any medium, including the Internet, and to the use of statements made by or attributed to him/ her relating to the Atlantic Film Festival or the Film Competition, without notice or compensation.

14. Each Entrant irrevocably consents to the right of the Atlantic Film Festival to copy, distribute, edit, adjust, modify, abridge, condense, publish and/or excerpt portions of his/her work and to publish, transmit, broadcast, perform and display it in all formats and media, including, without limitation, the Internet, without notice or compensation.

15. The Atlantic Film Festival reserves the right to terminate or amend the Film Competition in any way at any time, without notice, should any factor interfere with the fair and proper conduct of the Film Competition as contemplated by these Rules and Regulations. If any factor beyond the reasonable control of the Atlantic Film Festival or the Partners makes it impractical or impossible to hold the respective screening, then the Atlantic Film Festival shall have the right to cancel the respective screening, without notice.


To submit, please visit FilmFreeway or click the link below:





En partenariat avec Patrimoine Canada/Canada150, Le Musée canadien de l'immigration du Quai 21, RBC, Bell Media/CTV Atlantic, ONF (Office national du Film) et Téléfilm Canada, "From Away" est un concours cinématographique qui s'adresse aux étudiants au niveau post-secondaire de la région atlantique et qui est organisé par le Festival du film de l'Atlantique dans le cadre des célébrations du 150ème anniversaire de la Confédération du Canada.


Le concours sera l'occasion de présenter la prochaine génération de créateurs d'histoires visuelles issus du Canada atlantique. Les étudiants en cinéma de niveau postsecondaire sont encouragés à examiner, explorer et célébrer le Canada comme espace à la fois concret et abstrait (un paysage, une personne, un sentiment ou un souvenir) au moyen du cinéma. Le défi sera de construire leur propre interprétation de la nation qui les entoure et de montrer comment l'immigration a su y trouver sa place, le tout permettra au public de se rapprocher du Canada d'hier et d'aujourd'hui.


«Nous sommes très heureux d'être aux côtés du Gouvernement canadien et de nos partenaires pour mettre en lumière la prochaine génération de cinéastes d'ici grâce à un événement unique et national» a déclaré Wayne Carter, directeur général du Festival du film de l'Atlantique. «Alors que nous célébrons le150ème anniversaire du Canada, ces films seront projetés sur les écrans des festivals à travers le pays, ce qui constituera un véritable tremplin pour les étudiants de cinéma et pour leurs histoires qui présenteront cette communauté mondiale au sein du meilleur pays au monde.»






«Le Musée canadien de l'immigration du Quai 21 est ravi de s'associer au Festival du film de l'Atlantique dans le cadre du Concours de films 2017 « From Away ». Cette compétition constitue un débouché précieux pour les nouveaux cinéastes de la région de l'Atlantique qui veulent communiquer avec le public », a déclaré Marie Chapman, la directrice générale du musée. «En tant que musée d'histoires, nous comprenons la nécessité de raconter des histoires qui reflètent la diversité des expériences en matière d'immigration du Canada.»


Le programme «From Away», qui célèbrera le cinéma et l'identité canadienne dans toute sa diversité par le biais du Concours de films, comprendra également une cérémonie de Gala lors du Festival du film, une tournée en milieu scolaire dans la région atlantique, des projections en milieu communautaire, ainsi que des présentations en ligne.


Les cinéastes intéressés doivent être obligatoirement inscrits dans un établissement d'enseignement postsecondaire du Canada atlantique.


Les films ne devront pas dépasser dix minutes et dans les cas où de multiples langues seront utilisées, les films devront comporter des sous-titres en anglais. La date limite pour les soumissions est le vendredi 30 juin 2017.


Pour obtenir de plus amples informations sur le concours et / ou y participer, visitez le


Des professionnels de l'industrie cinématographique de la région formeront le jury du Concours du film et dix finalistes seront sélectionnés pour présenter leurs films au 37e Festival du film de l'Atlantique, à Halifax, du 14 au 21 septembre 2017. Les finalistes recevront un abonnement complet au FFA et une bourse de voyage, les autres films sélectionnés recevront des prix supplémentaires. Le gagnant du grand prix (et un invité) assisteront au Gala de la soirée d'ouverture au TIFF 2018 en tant qu'hôtes VIP de RBC.


Les finalistes participeront aussi à une tournée régionale qui proposera des projections à la jeunesse ainsi qu'un festival en ligne, autant d'occasions  pour les jeunes de se  rencontrer, d'échanger  et de participer à l'événement  dans toute la région de l'Atlantique et au-delà.


Pour en savoir plus sur le programme complet du concours "From Away", veuillez contacter :


Film Competition Coordinator - Coordinateur du concours

Atlantic Film Festival - Festival du film de l'Atlantique