Volunteer Records Check

For the safety of all we are now requiring AFFA volunteers 18 years of age and older to obtain a Volunteer Records Check. As a volunteer with the AFFA you will receive a reduced rate of $30 and it will be yours to use for volunteering with any other organization or event.

In recognition of continued commitment we will not require returning volunteers from last year’s event who completed a check to obtain another one this year.

How to obtain a Records Check:

Online (1 business day)

  1.    We will email you an invitation through myBackCheck.com
  2. Follow the link to fill out the online application. MyBackCheck will email you the required forms.
  3. Once completed, print and take them to a participating Canada Post location, where a retail clerk will witness the signature, scan the completed form and the appropriate identification, and submit both to myBackCheck.com
  4. Your document will be ready in one business day and stored in a secure electronic database. You will then have the opportunity to share with Atlantic Film Festival. All information will be kept private & confidential.

Please visit www.mybackcheck.com for more information.


In Person (10 business days)

  1. We will give you an HRP Records Check form. This can be either emailed to you, or picked up at the AFFA Office at 1601 South Park Street.
  2. Bring the completed Records Check form and proper identification to one of the locations noted on the HRP website www.halifax.ca/police/CriminalRecordCheck.html
  3. HRP will mail your Records Check to you and you will bring it to the AFFA to add to your application. You can keep the original document. All information will be kept private & confidential.

Please visit www.halifax.ca/police/CriminalRecordCheck.html for more information.